About us

    The Gualdim Pais Philharmonic Society, currently about 1,800 family members, was founded on March 28, 1877. At the beginning of its existence its main purpose was based on the maintenance of a philharmonic band, which grew to maintain a regular activity over the 134 years of existence of the institution. However early on its foundation laid the groundwork for implementing a library.
    In the late nineteenth century by adhering to the ideas of the republican movement has defined in its statutes a new goal - the creation of a school of the 1st cycle. However, this goal never came to fruition.
    In the last two decades and given its strong presence in the local community began to emerge from the need to respond to changing demands. Thus, the range of activities has been growing and currently, apart from a philharmonic band works a Vocational School of Music and Dance Vocational School, chartered by the Ministry of Education and launched the project with the National Wind Orchestra of the Templars.
    Work on the sports area gymnastics, judo and swimming. To make it possible to maintain all these areas of activity the institution has built a new headquarters that opened in 1988.
    The social area is another strand to which the institution has taken great care in maintaining a work center Free Time Activities aimed at children who attend school in the 1st cycle. To give this quality valence headquarters was expanded and this expansion was inaugurated in 2002 by His Excellency the President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio.
    Even in the social area was built and opened in 2009 new facilities where now operates a nursery and a kindergarten.
    The Gualdim Pais established several agreements with the Tomar's City Hall assuming teaching responsibilities in the operation of Curricular Enrichment Activities in all its aspects in the schools of the 1st cycle of the Group of Schools Gualdim Pais and the area of music in the schools of the Grouping Nuno Alvares Pereira, who involve about thirty schools from the 1st cycle.
    Already this year, 2011, signed a protocol with the Tomar's City Hall, Tourism Authority of Lisbon and Tagus Valley and the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar for the creation of the Center for Advanced Studies in Music and Performing Arts.
    Today Gualdim Pais's main objectives are to build a Sports Pavilion and Auditorium.
    For all this wide range of skills the institution has 94 employees in its service and its budget for 2011 approved by the General Assembly, has a value of € 1,563,011.57.
    It also has a light goods vehicle and four nine-seat vans to transport users' activities.
    The Gualdim Pais Philharmonic Society is Public Utility Institution since 1982 and Private Institution of Social Solidarity since 1996.
    Of the curriculum included:
                                                1977 Gold Medal of FPCCR
                                                1992 Medal for Good Services of the Portuguese Federation of Gymnastics
                                                1996 Gold Medal of the City of Tomar
                                                2009 Member of Merit of the Ribatejo's Association of Roller Skating.